Some examples of CAYO’s past projects are presented below. For a more detailed description of the company’s experience and capabilities, please contact us.
Pile Dike Repairs
Pile Dike Repairs
Project Location: Venice, LA
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
This current project involves the reconstruction of flow diversion dikes at remote locations along the lower Mississippi River. The work includes the demolition of existing structures and the construction of new timber pile dikes at multiple locations. CAYO is housing its personnel and owner representatives on-site on a floating accommodation barge.
Removal & Disposal of Mooring Structures
Mooring Structures
Project Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
This current project is for the demolition, removal and offshore disposal of 13 pile supported reinforced concrete mooring structures located in the Corpus Christi Ship Channel near Port Aransas, TX. The 10 foot thick concrete pile caps were cut into blocks weighing as much as 55 tons that were removed with CAYO’s crane barge. CAYO also removed 215 steel h-piles and 84 concrete piles. All large concrete and steel debris are then transported on and ABS certified barge and disposed of at a designated offshore reefing site.
New Orleans Flood Protection
New Orleans Flood Protection
Project Location: New Orleans, LA
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
As part of the ATI-CAYO Joint Venture, CAYO is currently constructing new concrete floodwalls and other flood protection improvements as part of the Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System in New Orleans, LA. This project involves construction of over 1,500 linear feet of pile supported concrete T-Walls and I-Walls to replace the existing flood wall system. The project also includes raising the elevation of existing sector gates and construction of new concrete scour protection at existing flood walls.
Offshore Remediation Project
Offshore Remediation
Project Location: West Black Bay, LA
Owner: Private Owner
Design-Build project for the reconstruction of a 2.4 acre site in a remote coastal area of Louisiana. The site was previously utilized as a water disposal pit for shallow water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and was badly eroded from Hurricane Katrina and other storms. The company was responsible for the design and installation of a steel sheet pile cofferdam to contain the contaminants and prevent them from spreading into the surrounding environmentally sensitive areas. CAYO then excavated and removed contaminated sediments, backfilled with sand and placed over 5,700 tons of stone riprap protection.
Aids-To-Navigation Structures (ATONS)
Aids-To-Navigation Structures
Project Location: Various Locations
Owner: U.S. Coast Guard
CAYO has performed the demolition and reconstruction of over 30 Aids-To-Navigation Structures (ATONS) at various locations around the Gulf of Mexico. These projects are typically located at remote sites and require multiple pieces of marine equipment including crane barges, materials barges, tug boats and diving spreads. Projects have included demolition and recovery of storm debris, pile driving, steel jackets and tower erection.
Hurricane Cleanup, Lower Mississippi
Hurricane Cleanup
Project Location: Lower Mississippi River
Owner: U.S. Coast Guard
As a subcontractor, CAYO performed the removal of hazardous and non-hazardous debris along the Mississippi River from the Entrance Channel up to New Orleans, LA. Non-hazardous and hazardous materials were removed and separated for proper disposal. CAYO’s crane barge loaded the debris onto its material barges and transported the debris upriver to a staging area via its 1,000HP push boat where the debris was offloaded for proper disposal.